The Turtle was a hired killer who was active during the 1940s. His name not only derives from his physical appearance, but also his slow and methodical planning of crimes and his desire to not rush a job.

In 1948 he was hired by Nathan Hale, a member of the Famous Names Club. Every member of the club was named after a famous historical figure, and they had all put money into a mutual investment corporation. Hale had decided to murder his club members so that he could collect the investment all for himself, offering a cut to the Turtle for doing the job. Part of his job included sending death threats to each member of the club, warning them that they were going to die in a similar fashion to their namesakes. When members of the group attempted to warn the authorities, they were dismissed as cranks due to their names. To avoid suspicion he also had the Turtle send threats to himself. However, one member named Cleopatra took the threats very seriously and sought the aid of the Human Torch and Toro.

On the even Hale was supposed to be murdered, he and the Turtle made it look as though Hale was hung by a noose. When the Torch and Toro arrived at the scene, the Torch took after the Turtle while Toro was left with the body. When the Torch confronted the Turtle and his men, the killer doused the heroes flames by turning on lawn sprinklers then left the Torch for dead after creasing his forehead with a bullet. While upstairs, Hale freed himself and knocked out Toro and fled, making it appear as though someone stole Hale's body.

The Torch and Toro, with information from Cleopatra attempted to stop the Turtle from killing his next victims. They arrived too late to stop the Turtle from shooting a man named Abraham Lincoln. Attempting to capture the Turtle and his men as they got into their getaway car, the Turtle foresaw this and had the exhaust fumes of the car treated with a chemical that doused the heroes flames and knocked them out. Hoping to be rid of them, the Turtle and his men tied them to weights and dumped them into a nearby river to drown while they went after their next victim, a man named Julius Caesar. They tracked the man to a statue gallery and attempted to stab him in the back, but they were stopped by the Torch and Toro who managed to free themselves from the river. The Torch then threatened to horribly burn the Turtle in order to learn who his employer was. Nathan Hall was apprehended shortly thereafter and the entire crew were turned over to the authorities.[1]

The Turtle's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Turtle owned a 1940s model car. He treated the gasoline in his car that, when burned, gave off fumes that could douse the Human Torch and Toro's flames and also acted as a knock out gas.


The Turtle is armed with a pistol.

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