Tutankhamun was the son,[2][3] step-son,[3] or brother[1] of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV).


Succession and marriage

He succeeded to Akhenaten,[1][2][3] at nine years old and was married at the same time to Akhenaten's daughter and wife Ankhesenaum, making of her his wife, niece and daughter-in-law.

Ankhesenamun, forced into that marriage, hated Tutankhamun. On their wedding night, Tutankhamun played with toys as his wife had intercourse with other men. Tutankhamun himself considered Akhenaten to be a pervert.[1]

At parts of his rule, he was known as Tutankhaten and Tutankhamen.[3]

Tutankhamun grew jealous of Ankhesenamun being "friendly" with all the men of the court, including Horemheb, while himself was denied, unlike Akhenaten.[1]


Tutankhamun died at 17-years old,[2] after a reign of nine years. The cause of his death remains unknown although his mummy's skull showed damage.[1] At least two tales of his end:

  • As he pressured Ankhesenamun, she presented him to her lover, a jackal-headed god whom Tutankhamun attempted to slay, only to be killed by a blast from the god's wand. The god then departed in a flying pyramid when Ankhesenamun had a brief regret and shouted at him to leave.[1]
  • Horemheb murdered Tutankhamun.[2][3]


Immediately after her husband's death at the hands of her lover-god, Ankhesenamun sent a missive to the King of the Hittites for him to send a grownup son to be her new husband.[1]

Horemheb also slew Akhenaten's vizier Ay, claimed the throne,[2] and restored the worship of the old gods of Egypt, eradicating the monotheistic worship of Aten and all traces of Akhenaten.[3]

In modern days, Tutankhamun's mummy was examined and damage on his skull were found, though the cause of his death remained unknown.[1]

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