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Tutinax was a gargantuan from the ancient days of the Deviant empire. His size and strength were so legendary that he became known as the Mountain Mover. In the late 20th century, the Deviant scientist Zakka used his Time Projector to pull Tutinax from his own timeline into the present. Tutinax demonstrated his gratitude to Zakka by murdering him in his New York apartment and destroying the Time Projector. He then went on a rampage throughout the city. The Eternals Ransak and Karkas were ready to battle Tutinax even though they realized that such a fight would surely result in their own deaths. At the urging of their comrade Thena, the three combatants moved to a closed off stretch of highway to finish their battle. The fight between Tutinax, Ransak and Karkas never took place however. With the destruction of Zakka's Time Projector, the quantum displacement effect wore off and Tutinax returned to his native time period.[citation needed]

While helping Makkari track down Master Elo in Deviant Lemuria, Quasar was forced into a confrontation with Tutinax while trying to save Ransak the Reject. Tutinax quickly took the upper hand as images of Quasar's father took the place of Tutinax, distracting Quasar. Eventually, Tutinax was beaten by Ransak.[citation needed]


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Tutinax possessed vastly superhuman strength (lifting over 100 tons), and had claimed the moniker "the Mountain Mover" by doing just that.


As a gladiator, he was skilled in many forms of hand-to-hand combat. He had mental abilities that allowed him to sense certain things that are otherwise undetectable, though it is unknown if this was telepathy or some other power. He could summon images from a foe's mind and create an illusion resembling whatever that foe fears most.

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