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Quote1.png But the Captain was wrong. I'm not a soldier. None of us so-called super-heroes are. Soldiers are ordinary guys, made of flesh and blood. They aren't indestructible... They can't fly... Or bend steel with their bare hands. But they are prepared to fight anyway... To sweat... To bleed... To persevere... To give their life for the good cause... This is their war... and their moment... We just make it look good. Quote2.png
Phantom Reporter

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  • Rockman's Digger Car

Synopsis for "Spearhead"

The Phantom Reporter travels to Europe during WWII as a war correspondent to report on the super heroes' contribution to the war effort. He watches as Dynamic Man makes short work of a Nazi machine gun nest, but is less than impressed by his attitude. While driving across the Harz Mountains with Lieutenant Campbell, their driver relates a story of a night when he witnessed the Black Widow in action, claiming that she had ripped an entire bunker of German soldiers to shreds by herself. He felt that he had cheated death that night and, ironically, is killed minutes later when their jeep comes under fire from a German Panzer. The Phantom Reporter and Lieutenant are then pinned down in a dire situation before being rescued by Electro and the Howling Commandos. Once back to base, he witnesses Mastermind Excello pinpoint the location of the Nazis' V-2 rocket production facility, and sees Captain Wonder rescue a bomber with a blown out engine. That night, he attends a show for the troops headlined by the Blue Blade. Wandering away from Blade's act, the Reporter finds the Witness who relates a mission he had recently been on in which he was given a tour of a recently liberated concentration camp.

Later, unable to sleep, the Phantom Reporter sees a number of superhumans enter a tent. He overhears plans for a mission being led by Captain America to attack the V-2 rocket facility discovered by Mastermind Excello. He interrupts the meeting, wishing to join the raiding party, drawing the ire of Captain America until Lieutenant Campbell vouches for him. The group invade the underground facility in Rockman's Digger Car. Captain America sees his old foe the Red Skull and orders the rest of the team to continue with the mission. Worried about the Captain, however, the Reporter decides to go back and check on him, finding him trapped under a heavy beam. He calls out to the Blue Diamond and Mastermind Excello, but is instead heard by Rockman who lifts the heavy beam. Excello also recovers the Spear of Destiny from the bunker, giving it to American military officials.

On another mission, Dynamic Man rounds up several prominent members of the Waffen S.S. and delivers them to the Laughing Mask, who proceeds to kill them, execution style. The Reporter is asked to write a frontpage story about the things that he has seen that will raise the spirits of both the front line soldiers and the folks back home, but he has become disillusioned with the superhuman presence, believing regular soldiers to be the real heroes for doing what they do, despite not having any powers or superhuman abilities.

Solicit Synopsis

Europe, 1945: Captain America leads a mission to destroy the Nazis' missile program...and The Phantom Reporter wants in! An untold tale from Marvel's Golden Age featuring the forgotten heroes who would go on to become "The Twelve"!

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