Quote1 ... there was no way even the world's most determined virgin could keep up a pair of thigh-high stockings without garters. Unless stockings had changed suddenly and dramatically. Quote2
-- Phantom Reporter (Dick Jones)

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Synopsis for "The Twelve"

Berlin, Germany - Wednesday, April 25, 1945: The Allies, including many mystery-men of the time, converge on the Wilhelmstrasse to finish off the Nazis. A dozen mystery-men entered the SS Headquarters and were ambushed and placed in cryogenic suspension. The Nazis planned to wait out the war, revive the Twelve, then dissect them to learn their supposed secrets and use them to truly become the "Master Race". However, most of the Nazi scientists were killed fleeing Germany, and the Reich never retrieved their specimens.

Twelve Vol 1 1 001

The Invading Force

In the modern day, construction workers discover the long abandoned bunker and the US Military revives The Twelve, attempting to diminish the shock by playing period pieces on the radio, along with other contrivances. The Phantom Reporter (Dick Jones) figures something is amiss and helps Captain Wonder (Steve Jordan) discover that they are now in a future world.

The US Military offers them positions as modern super-heroes.

At some point in the future ("Later. Much, much later," according to the Phantom Reporter), the Phantom Reporter is shown, gun in hand, standing over the body of the Blue Blade.


  • When the Twelve enter the mansion in Berlin in the opening, several portraits can be seen. Among the people who have paintings here are Adolf Hitler, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Baron Blood and either Baron Strucker or Otto von Bismarck. A bust of the Red Skull can also be seen.
  • The back cover reads America's Patriotic Mystery-Men, Thrust Into a Time of Unspeakable Wonders and Terrors! They Lived on Across the Ages! An Extraordinary Tale of the World to Come! In Twelve Parts.

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