Quote1.png This has to end the way it began. All of us -- together. Quote2.png
-- Phantom Reporter

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The Phantom Reporter wakes up in a hospital bed as he had gone unconscious due to being ripped away from Electro's mind transfer apparatus. He believes he knows who the real killer of Blue Blade is, but decides he needs to get all of the Twelve together before accusing anyone. Mr. E's wife has died and he attends the funeral. He talks about how sorry he was for abandoning his family and denying his heritage and how it has cost him everything. His son forgives him and tells him to come home once he's done working with the Twelve. Once all of the Twelve were together, the Phantom Reporter states his theory. He believed that once cut off from Professor Zog's signal in the bunker in Berlin, Electro continued to search for another signal, until he found one amongst the group of cryogenically suspended heroes.

The Phantom Reporter tells the group his theory, that Dynamic Man isn't a man at all, but an artificial construct created with all of the bigoted and skewed attitudes of his creator. Because he was a machine, he was able to create a link with Electro, bonding together for all of those years. While the rest of the group remains skeptical, the Reporter has Fiery Mask burn off Dynamic Man's costume, revealing that he is a construct built with no genitalia. A sexless man who would never be swayed by temptation or desire. The Reporter goes on to say that Blue Blade probably tried to blackmail Dynamic Man when he had previously learned the truth, prompting the android to kill him. Dynamic Man then vows to kill every last member of the Twelve for learning his secret...

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