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Quote1.png Take care of yourself, Jack. I'll try to live up to the power that you've given me. Sleep easy, old friend. There's no need to be afraid of the dark. I've left a light on for you. Quote2.png
Phantom Reporter

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  • Rockman's daughter (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Dynamic Man is on a murderous rampage after his secret of being an android has been revealed to the rest of the Twelve. He smashes all of the load-bearing beams in the house, causing it to cave in on the heroes. As the group worries that they'll be buried alive, Rockman holds up the load of debris vowing that he won't let this happen again. He finally comes to terms with what happened all of those years ago, acknowledging that his daughter died. Captain Wonder, the Phantom Reporter, Fiery Mask and Mastermind Excello all go after Dynamic Man using Excello's precognitive abilities to know where he is. He also warns the heroes, however, that not all of them will survive the battle.

They track him back to the lab where he was created back in the 1940s. Dynamic Man freezes Captain Wonder with one of his father's experimental devices, while Mastermind Excello fights Dynamic Man on the astral plane because, while he is an android, his neural patterns were based on those of his father. While his physical body is paralyzed, the Phantom Reporter attempts to shoot Dynamic Man in the head, but the gun explodes in his hand. This startles Excello who then loses his mental hold on Dynamic Man, allowing him to return to his physical form. He then grabs the Fiery Mask, crushing his windpipe. The Mask was able to finish destroying Goettler's device before this, releasing Captain Wonder from its power. The dying Fiery Mask, meanwhile, offers his flame powers to the Phantom Reporter in the same way that they were offered to him years before. He then uses his newfound powers at their maximum ability on Dynamic Man while Captain Wonder holds him still.

They succeed in melting the former hero, but not without a cost, Captain Wonder sustained terrible burns across the right side of his face and body. On the advice of Mastermind Excello, the Phantom Reporter burns down the abandoned castle as they reason that no one should ever be allowed to duplicate Goettler's work. After the battle, the group went back to find Rockman, but once they got through all of the debris, all they found was a large hole that went nearly a mile into the earth before it collapsed in on itself, leading the heroes to wonder if Rockman succeeded in freeing himself, or if his people actually did come for him as he had always claimed. At Fiery Mask's funeral, Mr. E reveals that he plans to retire from crimefighting. That it was a mistake to turn away from his family all those years ago and that he doesn't want to repeat those mistakes now. The Phantom Reporter creates a flaming monument to his fallen comrade.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Showdown With The Killer Who’s Been Targeting The Twelve!
  • Madness! Mayhem! And Did We Mention The Madness?!

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