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Quote1.png I cannot tell you where I'm going, who I'm working with, or what I'm doing. The records are burned, my past with it. It's my future that needs to be written now. Because that's what humans do. We keep going. We don't think about climbing the mountain, we just keep putting one foot in front of the other until we run out of mountain. No matter what we've lost, no matter what we've done, or seen...we go on. Even when we are lost in the dark, we hold on to what matters, to what we love -- because it's only what we love that will one day bring us home. And every day, we try...we try very, very hard...not to weaken. Quote2.png
Phantom Reporter

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • unnamed double agent (Only in flashback)
  • unnamed hostage takers (Only in flashback); (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • unnamed terrorists

Other Characters:

Races and Species:


  • Earth
    • unidentified military base
    • London (Only in flashback)
    • Kentucky
    • EXC Enterprises headquarters


  • radioactive bullets (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for 1st story

With their mansion now destroyed, the remaining members of the Twelve are housed in a nearby U.S. military base. The Black Widow and the Phantom Reporter embrace before she decides to leave the compound. The Laughing Mask, who is still yet to stand trial for a murder he committed fifty years before, is offered a deal. The government has leased Electro from Elizabeth Zogolowski, but it appears that it will only work for someone who had a subconscious connection to Electro, someone like the members of the Twelve. In exchange for his freedom, Dennis Burton agrees to operate Electro on government led missions.

Mastermind Excello relates his power's origins to the Phantom Reporter. He was the son of a wealthy nuclear scientist, but Excello himself chose to engage in more hedonistic pursuits. His father had engineered a new type of radioactive bullet, but a Nazi spy attempted to shoot him before he could reach a deal with the British government. Excello jumped in front of the gun, taking a bullet in his head. He survived, but the bullet lodged in his brain granted him the powers to see where he is supposed to be in the future. Each time he uses his powers, however, the bullet moves closer to an artery in the brain. He believes that this will eventually kill him. Despite the danger of using his powers, one day Mastermind Excello walked out of the compound in broad daylight, though no one recalls seeing him.

The Witness later contacted the Phantom Reporter to tell him that he was out of the country and that he would fight those who have left no witnesses behind thanks to the backing of an organization that would also like to see these people pay. The organization is apparently S.H.I.E.L.D. as the Witness is last seen talking to Nick Fury. Captain Wonder also returned to action, wearing a mask on the burned side of his face. He rescued a number of children who were trapped in a cave during an earthquake. One of the children who are rescued claims that she heard a voice in the dark saying to tell them that he had found his princess, Captain Wonder and the Phantom Reporter believe that this was Rockman. The Phantom Reporter was the last member of the Twelve living at the military base and was thus moved into the city. The Reporter thought that this was paid for by the military, but, in actuality, it was at the expense of EXC Enterprises, Mastermind Excello's new company. It is here that the Reporter is also reunited with the Black Widow. Excello reveals to the couple that he had purchased and renamed one of the world's largest private investigation firms and offers them both jobs to make the world a better place, which they accept.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Grand Finale Is Here!!

• All Your Questions Are Answered And Nothing Can Prepare You For What’s Next…!

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