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Quote1.png A hero isn't the loudest guy, or the bravest guy, or the guy who kills the most enemy soldiers. It's the guy who lays down his life, who gives everything he has, everything he is, and everything he will ever be...for us. For his children. Quote2.png
Richard Jones

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Mastermind Excello increasingly finds the mental static of the 21st Century world debilitating. It has caused his precognitive powers to cease to function properly and makes it difficult for him to think at all. He reveals that before his disappearance he set up a rolling trust fund that would continue to build interest even if he disappeared for decades at a time, essentially setting him up for life. He plans to build a lead-lined home, far from other people, traffic and electricity in order to allow him some mental piece. The Phantom Reporter finds himself increasingly attracted to the Black Widow. The Laughing Mask went out a prevented a robbery at a liquor store, but the police arrive the next day and ask to examine his guns. The Twelve have a going away party for Mastermind Excello where Dynamic Man berates the others for not embracing the future. The Phantom Reporter has a few words for him, nearly causing Dynamic Man to punch him except for the intervention of Captain Wonder. Mr E and the Witness reveal that they are both Jewish to each other.

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