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Quote1.png I am the Witness...and I must see that which I am doomed to see. Quote2.png

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Dynamic Man registered with the government before going on to help the police break up a terrorist cell. The Witness caused an old man who had once been a prison guard at Auschwitz to be hit by a bus. Dynamic Man mocks Captain Wonder's sadness at the news that his family are all dead, causing a super-powered fistfight which is broken up by the Fiery Mask. Professor Zog's daughter demands to have her father's invention, Elektro, remanded to her custody, but Colonel Dexter refuses. The Blue Blade pursues his dreams of stardom as he is given his own television variety show. The T.V. executives hate it, but they give him a deal based on the guarantee of his agent. Captain Wonder goes to an inner city school as a motivational speaker, but quickly realizes that he can't connect with the issues facing today's youth. Dynamic Man admits to Captain Wonder that despite his bravado, he doesn't like this future any more than he does, that he fights crime as a means to keep himself busy so he doesn't have to think about what the world has become. The police inform Laughing Mask that his guns had been implicated in the murder of a gangster in 1940 and is arrested. Captain Wonder decides to don his costume once more.

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