Quote1 One of our little group is going to die shortly, Richard. I don't know how, and I don't know who. I only know that it's going to happen. And when the vision does come, fuzzy and indistinct as it may be, I always see you at the center of it all. Quote2
-- Mastermind Excello

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The Phantom Reporter examines the crime scene at a gay bar where the patrons had all been killed. The police tell him that Dynamic Man is their chief suspect due to his outburst at the club the previous day. Phantom Reporter, however, shows the police video footage showing that Dynamic Man was in the house being used by the Twelve at the time of the murders, giving him an alibi. The Phantom Reporter suspects that the culprit may be the Black Widow and approaches her on the subject. Captain Wonder gets a surprise visit from his old sidekick Tim, who had seen the Captain on the news. Tim tells Captain Wonder that his powers had faded years ago and that he is now dying of cancer. He begs the Captain to recreate the formula that made him superhuman as he doesn't want to die, but Captain Wonder had no idea what was in the formula. Blue Blade discovers that his television shows ratings are down, the T.V. executives thought that the Blade had powers like many other members of the Twelve. The Blue Blade then approaches Ms. Zogolowski and asks if she has thought about putting Elektro on television and that he can make them both rich. Mastermind Excello reveals to the Phantom Reporter that one of the Twelve is going to die and that he is in the middle of it, though he can't use his precognitive powers to reveal any more than this at the present time. A disillusioned Tim jumps from a building, hoping that his powers will come back to him, but he plummets to his death.

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