Quote1 I've got something to tell you. Something nobody knows. Not even you. Something that's maybe even worth somebody's life. Maybe mine. Maybe yours. interested? Quote2
-- Blue Blade

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  • Debbie (Black Widow's sister) (Main story and flashback)
  • Lester Maddox (Main story and flashback)

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Phantom Reporter believes the the Black Widow may be responsible for the murder of a number of patrons at a local gay bar, as such, he confronts her at gunpoint. Though she isn't afraid of his gun, the Black Widow relates the origin of her superhuman abilities to the Phantom Reporter. Years ago her sister travelled to Los Angeles to become a star, but instead got tangled up with the wrong people and was murdered. Standing at her sister's grave, Claire vowed that she'd do anything to avenge her sister's death. It was at this time that an unnamed demon promised her vengeance in exchange for becoming his vessel. In this way she convinces the Phantom Reporter that she was not the one who committed the murders at the bar. The police bring the Fiery Mask in for questioning in the murders due to scorch-marks found at the scene of the crime and is told that the police have investigated the story of how he acquired his powers, but can't find anything to corroborate it in the records of the time, but he is released for lack of evidence.

In order to boost ratings for his faltering show, the Blue Blade enlists the help of Ms. Zogolowski and Electro. He connects his mind to that of the robot, inadvertently downloading the robot's memory backups of his physical activities into his own mind. Later on that night, he goes out and meets Dynamic Man, telling him that he knows a secret that may be worth someone's life, maybe even his own. Meanwhile, Mastermind Excello has put his own plans in action, creating a new costume for the Phantom Reporter that included bulletproof kevlar, he bailed out the Laughing Mask while he awaited trial and went to Rockman in a dream and told him that his people had heard his cries and that he would never be alone again.

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