One of many SHIELD agents abducted and replaced by the Skrulls prior to their invasion of Earth. Returned to Earth following the invasion, he found SHIELD dismantled and fitting back in a tough thing. When Mockingbird began organizing the World Counterterrorism Agency to combat international terrorism, Twitchy was among those she recruited.

Twitchy's first known assignment involved assisting Mockingbird and her ex-husband Hawkeye as they attempted to infiltrate an A.I.M. meeting in Zaragoza, Spain. Following this, he was assigned by Mockingbird to find evidence that would allow her to track arms shipments organized by Crossfire. Hawkeye also asked him to assist him in finding out more about Mockingbird's background, leading to the discovery of Mockingbird's mother and brother, still living, despite what she'd told Hawkeye.

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