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Synopsis for "The Man Who Made The Law!"

Roving cowboy Aloysius Kare is riding through the town of Green River when he is stopped and ordered to pay a $10 toll, learning that the town is run by a man named Silas Crag who implemented the toll. Not wishing to pay the toll Kare shoots the guns out of the toll guards hands and speeds by. Entering the outskirts of Green River he witnesses a family being forced off their ranch by the sheriff's deputy who is in league with Crag. Kare then changes into his alter-ego the Apache Kid and attacks the sheriff and his men, sending them all fleeing. Talking to the family he just saved, Apache Kid learns that Crag has installed his own government comprising of criminals and that the sheriff is train robber Dynamite Jim Rance. Despite the warnings given, Apache Kid decides to ride into town and deal with Silas Crag and his bunch.

Riding into town Apache Kid finds another toll booth and begins to fight his way through. He is stopped when Jim Rance appears and informs him that his boss Silas Crag wants to make an offer to the Apache Kid. Silas Crag offers to pay Apache Kid for his services, but the hero refuses and then tries to start a fight with Crag. Rance and his men pull the Apache Kid off of their boss and then force the hero to watch as they go to a nearby Naokta reservation and force them off their land.

As Crag and his men try to run the Nakota's off their land, Apache Kid manages to break free and escape getting one of the Nakota to cut the ropes bonding his hands. He then leads that Nakota warriors in a counter attack sending Crag and his men fleeing. Apache Kid then races ahead of Crag and his posse and gets the locals to bar them from entering Green River. Not accepting defeat on any terms other than his, Crag loses his mind and then shoots himself in the head, leaving his men to face the vengeance of the locals.

In the aftermath, Apache Kid changes back into his Aloysius Kare identity and rides through town peacefully.

Appearing in "The Deadly Double-Cross"

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Synopsis for "The Deadly Double-Cross"

Western story.

Appearing in "The Bully"

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Synopsis for "The Bully"

Western story.

Appearing in "The Outcast"

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Synopsis for "The Outcast"

Western story.

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