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Almost two million years ago, these peaceful, leonine people had mastered genetic engineering, space travel, and other advanced technologies. They found themselves alone in the Negative Zone and wished to populate it. Their scientists genetically engineered a spore that could be scattered over an uninhabited planet's surface, grow into new plants and animals, and make the planet habitable (a process called terraforming). One of their ships crashed on Arthros, however, and the crew perished. Full of remorse, the entire population of Tyanna consigned themselves to the Annihilation Area, a massive black hole at the center of the universe.[citation needed]

The crew on Arthros survived long enough to scatter their entire cargo of spores. Over the millenia, the spores grew and evolved. The resulting plethora of life forms battled for supremacy, and the ultimate winner became Annihilus, a being obsessed with his own survival. Another world, Baluur, produced Blastaar, another would-be conqueror. The terraforming project had succeeded. On the worlds where life appeared, it developed into sentient, and sometimes hostile, species.[citation needed]

The Tyannans, much to their surprise, found themselves on a path to other realms (the Crossroads of Infinity). Instead of stepping off the path into another universe, though, they followed it to its end. There they found a new home. Apparently taking this unique experience as a sign, they resumed their peaceful existence.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, Reed Richards of the Marvel Universe discovered the Negative Zone. The first human to encounter the Tyannans was the Brute, Reed's evil twin. The Brute took advantage of their trust and, with their unwitting help, built a device to control their minds. He followed that with a device to take them all back out of the black hole, so that he could conquer the Negative Zone and then the Marvel Universe. Activating that device attracted the attention of Annihilus, Blastaar, and the Fantastic Four, who investigated and stopped the Brute's plans. Freed from their thralldom, the Tyannans went back to their realm and erected an impregnable barrier.[1]

Currently located at the Crossroads of Infinity, formerly the Negative Zone.


  • The Paradise X series attempts to explain (among other things) the origin of the Marvel Universe and the Negative Zone. Based on this information, one theory claims that, by living inside the Crossroads of Infinity, the Tyannans are actually survivors of the previous universe. Their culture may be as old as twenty billion years, potentially making it the oldest known in any universe.

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