The Tyclon race exists in another dimension parallel to Earth. One of their member of their race was a brilliant scientist who in 1954 build a device that allowed him to travel to the Earth dimension but soon found himself trapped there. Calling himself the Maker, the Tyclosian decided to take over the entire Earth. Disguising himself as a human and taking up the identity of a physician Doctor Manning, the Maker built an army of humanoid robots in order to take over the world. One of his greatest robots was one that he named Pete, who was unaware of his true nature. Pete lived a normal life meeting and falling in love with a woman named Margot and befriending the Human Torch.[1]

Eventually some of the Maker's robot men would suddenly "die" and be brought to the hospital to be operated on. As Mr. Manning, the Maker kept the discoveries secret from the public. After the third such failure, Pete called in the Human Torch and Toro to help him investigate. Without Manning's knowledge, they repaired the deactivated robot man and followed him back to the Maker's lair.[1]

There the Torch, Toro and Pete overheard the Maker's plans and attacked. While the Torch and Toro destroyed the army of robot men, Pete shot the Maker and learned his true identity and his mission on Earth. Realizing that he too was a robot created by the Maker, Pete committed suicide.[1]

Following the Maker's death there have been further interactions with the Tyclosians on Earth recorded.


Level of Technology: The Tyclosians were a highly advanced culture and the Maker as apparently the most intelligent of his people. He could create life-like robots that look almost human as well as dimensional hopping technology, however before his death he had not perfected it to be able to return to his home dimension.

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