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Quote1.png What I am is the man who made this company what it is today. I founded The Avengers. I developed the programs that created superpowers. I found Sonny Frisco and harnessed his brilliance. Quote2.png
Tyler Stone[src]


Tyler seemingly had the same history as his Earth-928 counterpart. After Alchemax successfully created a machine that could bestow people with superpowers, he recreated The Avengers. Unfortunately, his estranged son, Miguel, not only took over Alchemax, but also his position as baron of 2099.[1]


On the day Miguel had declared the Defenders as outlaws, Tyler came for a surprise visit. He had come to demand more involvement in the company.[1] Meanwhile, Hargood would summon the Dweller-in-Darkness. Miguel would called the Defenders, allowing them to intervene without being arrested. While the heroes dealt with the eminent danger, he took his father to the safe room. On the way there, Tyler revealed that he was the one who ordered the assassination of Captain America, causing Miguel to murder his father out of vengeance.[2]


  • Miguel believes Tyler to be the responsible for the death of his mother, Conchata O'Hara.[1]

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