Quote1 My men are mounting a defense to save our timeline. And, more importantly, to save me! Quote2
-- Tyler Stone src

Tyler Stone had a similar history as his mainstream counterpart, until a temporal anomaly altered the 2099 A.D. Timeline due to the events of the so-called "Age of Ultron".[2]

Tyler Stone was the C.E.O. of Alchemax Corporation,[3] son of Tiberius Stone and biological father of Miguel O'Hara, Alchemax scientist secretly operating as the Spider-Man of the year 2099.[1]

A Superior 2099

Due to something that happened in the Heroic Age, Tyler Stone, as well as the entire 2099 A.D. timeline was near to be destroyed. As the C.E.O. of Alchemax, he ordered his men to find a solution to correctly restore the timeline. After having seen Spider-Man's presence in the past, they wasted to send him to the Heroic Age to avoid a Temporal Paradox. Since he wanted his timeline to be fixed, Tyler accepted to send his arch-enemy to the past.[1] After Spider-Man had found the source of the anomalies to be Tyler's father Tiberius Stone,[4] Tyler blocked him in the past, destroying the time device Alchemax had used to send him back in time.[5]


When the temporal anomaly occurred in the year 2099, the Spider-Man of the Heroic Age was temporarily sent to the future to replace Miguel O'Hara, who had been blocked to the past. There, the so-called Superior Spider-Man started to steal MegaCorporations' technology to build a time portal; after he had successfully entered the Alchemax Building, Tyler employed Venture to kill him.[6]

When Miguel O'Hara (the Spider-Man of 2099 A.D.), the Six-Armed Spider-Man and Lady Spider ended up in 2099 searching for the Inheritor Daemos, Tyler and his assistant Winston helped the three Spider-Men giving them an Alchemax laboratory to study the Inheritors' cloning process. However, Tyler also acquired the schematics for an interdimensional portal device created by Lady Spider.[7]

Leader of The Fist

Presumably using the portal decive, Tyler traveled to the year 2016 and became the leader of the Fist, a terrorist organization who started as an offshoot of the Hand.[8] As the leader of the Fist, he organized several attacks in the United States; in one of them, Tempest Monroe went in a comatose state and lost the use of her legs. After Tempest awoke from coma, Tyler visited her and offered her his help to restore her legs, revealing that her boyfriend, Miguel, is his son and that they came from the future. Tempest decided to accept, leaving the Parker Industries Medical with Tyler. After taking her to Blackthorne Prison, he returned Tempest to her humanoid insect form and implanted a suggestive hypnosis, causing her to kill Miguel when he came to rescue her.[9]


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