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The Typhon Group was founded in 1949 by Hydra as a fount of money and a means of publicly moving capital around. By 2009 it had over 250,000 employees throughout the world, its annual revenue was $93.7 billion, and net income was $10.9 billion.

It is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. A major provider of cost-negative vaccinations in some of the most needy places in the world. It has received praise from the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, the African National Human Rights Institutions, and the Network of National Institutions in the Americas.

Unknown to most of the world, Typhon is the premiere creator and manufacturer of military-grade chemical weapons. Among its clients are the US Army and Marine Corps, the British Army, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Russian Navy, the German Bundeswehr, and the Chinese People's Liberation Army.[1]

The Typhon Group later accepted an invitation to the second Hellfire Gala on the mutant island of Krakoa. They declined to attend the first gala, but later decided to take revenge on the mutant Gorgon for betraying Hydra to the mutants and an attempt to create an international incident.[2]

Their leader, Administrator Percy, revealed that the Typhon Group was working together with Orchis and had created an aerosol power accelerator. They used this to poison Gorgon and a few other mutants, who lost control of their powers. Percy could also create small snake golems, including a giant one around himself to attack the other mutants.[3]


  • The Typhon Group was presumably named after Typhon, though the relation between the two, if any, is unrevealed.

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