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The Tyrranoids were a sub-species of Moloids that were named after their leader Tyrannus.


6th cenytury

When Tyrannus a former Roman Emperor was trapped beneath the Earth; he discovered a group of Moloids and tricked them into worshiping him as a god. Now known as Tyrranoids he ruled them in peace for the next 1000 years.[1]

19th century

In 1862, Tyrannus lead an invasion of Tyrannoid, bursting through the ground interrupting a battle of the American Civil War.[2]

Modern Age

The Tyrannoids helped Tyrannus when he attempted to conquer the surface world. They kidnapped Betty Ross and holding her hostage, thus preventing her father from resisting. The Hulk and Rick Jones followed but they too were captured by Tyrannus and his forces and used Betty as a tool against them, they eventually freed her and the trio escaped.[1]

When Mole Man stole the Fountain of Youth causing Tyrannus to age rapidly. The Tyrannoids teleported the Hulk to Subterranea in hopes of recapturing the fountain saving their master. He was successful and was able to restore his youth and they returned the Hulk to the surface.[3]

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