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Tyrannosaurus Rex is a species of large carnivorous dinosaur that has inhabited Earth since the Cretaceous period. Like most species of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurs were assumed to have been driven to extinction at the end of the Cretaceous, however small populations have survived in modern times.

In the 1860s, Cowboy Tex Taylor encountered Tyrannosaurs living in an underground cavern near Colorado.[3] In the 1940s, a Tyrannosaur hatched from an intact egg recovered from Utah, rampaging briefly before returning to the site of its birth to die.[4] In the 1950s, Tyrannosaurs were still living in some parts of the African Congo.[5] In the modern era, Tyrannosaurs have been sighted within the Antarctic Savage Land.[6]

Other universes

Larval Earth (Earth-8311)

Hog-zilla attacks present-day Tokyo.

On Earth-8311, the tyrannoswinus rex, king of the thunder pigs, got extinct millions of year before the present day, except for one single known case, the giant monster called Hog-zilla that attacked Tokyo before being infected by swine flu.[7]


Devil-Beasts are sometimes confused with Tyrannosaurus rex.[8]

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