When Warlock returned to the Technarch homeworld of Kvch, he found the entire world abandoned save one "child" in the creche. Adopting this young Technarch, he infected him with his non-aggressive form of the Transmode Virus his people all carry and named him Tyro. Tyro was raised to reject his natural instincts to conquer and instead was taught to value all life.[1]

Annihilation: Conquest

When Nova arrived on Kvch seeking to find a cure for the transmode virus running through his system, he came across the two remaining beings on Kvch, though they were unable to cure him without losing their own lives. Unknown to Nova, he was followed by a similarly infected Gamora and Drax who, upon landing on the planet, immediately merged and formed a Babel Spire, broadcasting a signal into space that attracted Tyro's parent, a full-grown Technarch. Seeking to save his "son", Warlock agreed to cure Nova's techno-organic virus and before doing so, told Tyro to run away and to keep running. Using up his lifeforce in the process and dying, Warlock managed to bring Nova back to full power and Nova immediately turned his energies on the arrived Siredam.[2]

As Nova attacked the attacking Siredam, he found himself overpowered, but was too angry over being previously infected by the Phalanx to stop attacking. Soon joined by Tyro who refused to flee, the two fought the Siredam until Tyro saw a way to victory. Allowing his Siredam to absorb him, Tyro then infected the adult Technarch with the non-violent form of the techno-organic virus, and then took over its body, to the surprise of Nova. Finding the dead Warlock, he then used some of his newly-gained immense power to revive his adoptive parent and then revived and cured Drax and Gamora.[3] Recruiting the two Technarch and the newly restored Drax and Gamora, Nova and crew set off for Kree space where they managed to breach the barrier erected by the Phalanx and helped turn the tide, eventually beating Ultron and his Phalanx. Tyro and Warlock then helped Wraith cure the infected Kree.[4]

New Mutants

While Warlock returned to Earth, Tyro remained on on his healing mission on the Kree world, but was eventually wounded by the energies of the Fault, allowing his Siredam to reappear and defeat Tyro.[5]

Tyro journeyed to Earth to find Warlock, in order to destroy him as he was the only being known to be able to cure Tyro. The New Mutants, helped by many allies (X-Men, various Asgardians and Doctor Strange, who were attending a party at the New Mutants HQ) battled the Siredam to allow Cypher to cure Tyro, using his own Techno-organic Virus on Tyro's, and purging it.[5]


Tyro possessed the same powers as Warlock after his adoptive father shared his mutant strain of the Transmode Virus with him

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