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Real Name
Current Alias

Lowell Jessup (father, deceased)
Joan Jessup (mother, deceased)

Richard "Richie" Jessup (brother, deceased)
Living Status
Marital Status
Soldier; former student, runaway
High School dropout


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Like the rest of Psi-Force, Tyrone Jessup gained his paranormality as a result of the White Event. Until that mysterious phenomenon occurred, Ty had simply been a high school kid like any other, being pressured to get a sports scholarship by his parents (he was a talented basketball player) and idolized by his shy younger brother Richie. After the White Event, Ty suddenly found himself able to split an astral form off from his body and roam at will, but was soon compelled by a psychic 'push' to track down former CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk and the other paranormal youths Emmett had gathered.[citation needed]

After Proudhawk's death, the kids found themselves forced to stay together by their psychic link to the entity known as the Psi-Hawk. Eventually, the link was broken and Ty ended up severely burned when Sanctuary House, the hostel where the kids were staying, was blown up by the Russian paranormal named Rodstvow. Ty found himself stuck in his astral form for some months while his physical body healed from its injuries, but returned to it after the apparent destruction of the Psi-Hawk and the scattering of the former members of Psi-Force.[citation needed]

After this, he was drafted into the US Army following the so-called 'Black Event' which destroyed Pittsburgh. His relationship with his family suffered after news of his paranormality leaked out in a book by journalist Andrew Chaser (who had befriended Ty for his own reasons) and they were ostracized by their neighbors, but when last seen Ty was attempting to build some bridges with them after they were relocated to a new area with new identities by the authorities.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Astral Projection: Jessup has the ability to project himself into electromagnetic energy and harness it for various uses. He could also combine his powers with those of his teammates to create the Psi-Hawk.

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