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Doctor Doom and his team developed a machine to artificially re-create the Power Cosmic and infuse it into a living subject; but Doom soon discovered that human bodies were too frail to contain the power without being destroyed. Doom recruited the alien Tyros the Terrible,[1] who had been Galactus' Herald until he lost his powers,[citation needed] as his superpowered minion - Tyros was strong to hold the Power and naïve enough to be manipulated by Doom. Doom convinced Tyros to don a special garment named Techno-Suit, required for him to properly channel and control the energies, before submitting himself to the machien.[1]

This was not the whole truth. Doom knew that the Power Cosmic would destroy Tyros's body quickly, and the Techno-Suit slowed the process, giving Tyros a handful of hours of life. This was enough for Doom purpose - Doom sent Tyros to New York City to destroy their shared enemies the Fantastic Four. Doom gave Tyros a Sky-Sled for him to reach America quickly enough.[1] Once there, Tyros confronted The Thing of the Fantastic Four. The Thing quickly destroyed Tyros's sled and the upper half of the Techno-Suit.[2] The fight was joined by other members of the Fantastic Four, by Doom himself and by the Silver Surfer. While Tyros was wrestling the Surfer, his body reaching the point of no return and critical mass, and carbonized himself, along with the remnants of his suit.[3]

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