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The U-Men were hired by Dr. Sasaki to harvest mutant DNA for her experiments, as she was unwilling to harm mutants herself. In return for their services, the U-Men were provided a mutant detector that would not be affected by Dr. Sasaki's anti-Cerebro jammer. Mastermind also made contact with them, giving them membership to the Inner Circle in exchange for sharing Takeo's powers with them.


Equipment: Cybernetics that protects against telepaths and other types of mutants


This is Earth-101001's version of the U-Men. However, instead of being humans enhanced with mutant organs, the majority of their members are cyborgs with enhancements to prevent attacks by telepaths and other types of mutants.


  • The U-Men seem to only have two actually members: Kick and Sublmime. The rest are just robtos under their control.
  • The U-Men have no qualms with abducting children if they are mutants, as shown with Hisako and quite a few of the captives the X-Men managed to free from their facility.

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