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U-boat is the anglicized version of the German word U-Boot, itself an abbreviation of Unterseeboot (undersea boat), and refers to military submarines operated by Germany, particularly in World War I and World War II. Although in theory, U-boats could have been useful fleet weapons against enemy naval warships, in practice they were most effectively used in an economic-warfare role, enforcing a naval blockade against enemy shipping. The primary targets of the U-boat campaigns in both wars were the merchant convoys bringing supplies from the British Empire and the United States to the Island of Great Britain. Austrian submarines of World War I were also known as "U-boats".

In the Spring of 1941, the German Navy attacked an Atlantean settlement near the Antarctic Circle. They devastated the region, nearly killing the Atlantean emperor Thakorr. The Prince of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner rallied his forces against the Nazis, and they fought back using their Whale Ships and Shark Ships.[1]

On September 22nd, 1942, Colonel Krieghund and his agent the Master Man used a U-boat to attack the British battleship carrying Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the HMS Duke of York.[2]

The Nazi super-villain known as U-Man also commanded a Nazi U-boat.[3]

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