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Appearing in "Invasion of the Killer Beasts"

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Synopsis for "Invasion of the Killer Beasts"

In Berlin, Oberest von Streibel calls forth some of his best men for a mission to invade Camp Lehigh in the United States as the first step in an all out invasion of the United States. To assist them von Striebel gives them the latest creation of Nazi science: Attack dogs that have been biologically engineered to have poison glands in their mouths, making their bites lethal. With these new creatures to use, the Nazi soldiers are smuggled into American waters by U-Boat and swim ashore.

The following day at Camp Lehigh, Steve Rogers and Bucky are relaxing when they are confronted by Sgt. Duffy. Duffy assigns the pair to participate in tank maneuvers for the day much to their dismay. The war games go awry when they find themselves attacked by people with live ammo. Steve and James duck out of their tank and change into Captain America and Bucky to see who is firing upon them. They find the Nazis hiding in the hills and begin fighting them. While Cap and Bucky are occupied with the Nazi forces, one of their number unleashes the poisonous dogs to attack the soldiers. The dogs kill the soldiers and Cap suffers a blow to the head, leading Bucky to believe his mentor has been killed. As the Nazis retreat from the scene, Bucky follows after them.

Cap wakes up shortly thereafter and examines the dead soldiers and determines that they have been poisoned. Following the tire tracks of the Nazis trucks, Captain America tracks them to Stone Manor Castle. There he hears Bucky's cries for help and comes to his sidekick's aid. Finding Bucky cornered by one of the dogs, but kills it with his shield before it can attack the lad. Cap and Bucky then chase after the Nazis after they have loaded up their truck to attack Camp Lehigh again.

When the Nazis stop to shoot at them, the two heroes beat them into submission and use their own grenades to blow up the truck, killing the dogs and most of the Nazis. A lone Nazi soldier survives and is taken prisoner at Camp Lehigh where he reflects on his defeat while Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes retire for the night.

Appearing in "Death Strikes Back"

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Synopsis for "Death Strikes Back"

The Destroyer is in Nazi-occupied France assisting the Free French resistance. He meets with their leader. The resistance leader gives him a serum that can simulate death and asks the Destroyer to free resistance fighters named Lamonte and Farrotte who have been captured by the Gestapo.

The Destroyer takes the job and goes out to the nearby Nazi base. Jumping one of the guards, the hero steals his uniform and smuggles himself inside the Gestapo base. He then goes to where the two French men are being held prisoner and "relieves" the guard on duty. While alone with the prisoners, the Destroyer hands them the potion and tells them to drink it quickly.

Soon soldiers come to remove the prisoners to be questioned by Captain Brool. To their dismay they find the men slumped over in their cells, and a doctor's examination determines them to be legally dead. Brool is angered at this loss of information and being denied the joy of executing his enemies. Not willing to let this "defeat" get out he orders the doctor to list the cause of death as pneumonia.

Going into the cell, the Destroyer pockets the empty vial so as not to tip off the Nazis. He is spotted however and followed by a Nazi agent as he leaves the base, but he notices that he is being followed and knocks the spy out.

Later the Destroyer returns with the leader of the resistance and break their way into the Gestapo morgue. When Lamonte and Farrotte revive they are about to leave when they are caught by Captain Brool and his men. The Destroyer charges at them with the French men lending a hand easily defeats them. They take Brool prisoner and set explosives in the base, destroying the entire building as they flee into the night.

At the French Underground headquarters, Brool tells them that they are doomed because his spy would have followed them back to their headquarters. However, the Destroyer and the French resistance fighters show Brool that his spy has been captured and is also their prisoner. Before the French begin to interrogate Brool, they thank the Destroyer for his help and he wishes them the best in liberating their country.

Appearing in "Jeep Jones"

Featured Characters: Jeep Jones

Synopsis for "Jeep Jones"

Jeep Jones comedy strip

Appearing in "Jap Buster Johnson"

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Synopsis for "Jap Buster Johnson"

Aboard an aircraft carrier near New Guinea, Johnson spots an argument going on between Lieutenant Gale and Lieutenant Dillo which ends with Dillo shooting Gale in cold blood. Demanding answers as to what happened, Johnson is knocked overboard and is believed to have drowned when he doesn't come back up. Dillo then flees the scene leaving sailors to find Gale clinging to life. Rushing him to the sick bay he tells his superiors that he caught Dillo speaking to a Japanese on shore which led to their altercation back aboard the ship and Johnson being tossed overboard. The captain of the ship orders his men to bring Dillo back on charges of desertion, attempted man-slaughter.

Dillo meanwhile has reunited with a Japanese man named Sagayo and is nervous after showing his true alliance. Spotting someone out on the beach, Dillo is surprised to find that it's none other than Doug Johnson. Johnson, they find, is still alive but now suffers from amnesia.

Dillo convinces Johnson to pilot a fighter plane to bomb the American aircraft carrier, even though Johnson does not really understand he is coerced into complying by Dillo and Sagayo. They load him up in an American plane that has been rigged with a torpedo and radio control and send him on a collision course with the aircraft carrier. However, Johnson snaps out of his amnesia and breaks the radio control just in time to take control of the plane and safely dump it's lethal cargo before landing the plane on the aircraft carrier. Telling the military brass what went down, Johnson comes up with a plan to get Dillo and Sagayo.

Shortly thereafter, he rushes into Sagayo's hut soaking wet, telling them that he failed to destroy the aircraft carrier and now has the American Navy after him. Lulling them into a sense of false security, Johnson asks Dillo why he is working with the Japanese. Dillo tells him that he was raised in Japan and taught by Sagayo to be loyal to Japan even though he was American-born. This confirms to Johnson that Dillo is a willing traitor and he gives out a whistle.

Suddenly, soldiers storm the area taking down the Japanese soldiers around and surrounding the hut. When Dillo tries to shoot Johnson, he kicks him aside disarming him. However Sagayo manages to get the drop on him with a machine gun. When Johnson disarms Sagayo, the Japanese man commits Soppaku. When Dillo attempts to do the same thing, Johnson stops him from doing so and turns him over to the Naval authorities to face a firing squad for his traitorous deeds. When reporting back to his superiors, Johnson explains that the whole amnesia routine was a hoax to find out what Dillo was up to.

Appearing in "Two Hundred To One"

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Synopsis for "Two Hundred To One"

The true story of American soldier Albert A. Schmidt who helped defend his fellow soldiers while being attacked by Japanese forces on Guadalcanal.

Appearing in "Whizzer"

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Synopsis for "Whizzer"

Police officer Arthur Rone is walking his beat one night when he stumbles upon his brother Frank committing a robbery. However, Arthur's guard is down long enough for Frank to knock him out and escape. Deciding to enhance his criminal career, Rone breaks into the home of Jack Robinson -- the Whizzer -- in order to learn the secret of the hero's super-speed. Breaking into the hero's wall safe he learns the secret of the Whizzer's powers and when he hears Slow Motion Jones enter the room he knocks the Whizzer's sidekick out before he can see who is in the room.

With his newly gained speed powers, Frank then races across town and robs the Universal Bank. When his brother arrives on the scene in response to the alarm, he then plants the evidence on his brother and flees the scene leaving Arthur to take the wrap for his crime.

Meanwhile, Slow Motion comes around and asks the Whizzer why he punched him out. not knowing what his friend is talking about the Whizzer learns that they had been broken into and begins to investigate the theft. As he is doing so, Arthur is found guilty of the crimes his brother committed and locked in prison. Hearing about this, the Whizzer visits him in prison and learns that it was his brother Frank who was responsible for both thefts and goes after him.

It is Slow Motion Jones who finds Frank first when the crook decides to have some fun at his expense. Jones calls the Whizzer who races to his sidekick's aid. He gives Frank chase all over the world, using the opportunity to attack Nazi and Japanese forces along the way. Eventually, Frank stops to try and shoot the Whizzer, but the hero dodges most of the bullets. With the last bullet in his gun, Frank tries to shoot the Whizzer but is stopped when his brother -- having broke out of prison in order to clear his own name -- jumps in the way of the shot. This gives the Whizzer ample chance to beat Frank into submission and turn him over to the authorities. Later as Arthur is recovering in the hospital, the Whizzer tells him that he has been cleared of all wrong doing.

Appearing in "Diamonds For Victory"

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Synopsis for "Diamonds For Victory"

Roddy Colt and his friends are assisting the American Women's Voluntary Service in scrap collection for the war effort. Their next stop is Baum's Delivery Company which is emptying out of their warehouses and has allowed the boys to remove all metal from the building. They are supervised by the beautiful voluntary service woman Miss Conroy. Among the items they pick up is an old safe which they assume is just more metal going to scrap.

However, later when their horse drawn cart goes too fast and the safe falls off, the door is broken open. Roddy inspects the damage and is shocked to find a bag full of black diamonds (used for tooling defense weapons) inside. This suspicious find Roddy decides to pocket and keep to himself.

Back at the warehouse a pair of men enter the building to recover the safe but find that its missing and coerce the owner of the property to reveal what happened to it. The pair of men catch up with the boys and demand the safe back. When they realize its going to scrap they offer to buy it back from them for $25. While the other boys refuse to do so, Roddy agrees and gives it to them. Roddy quickly ducks away and changes into the Secret Stamp and hitches a ride on their car. Listening into the men's conversation.

He learns that they are Nazi spies that have been stealing the black diamonds and smuggling them out of the country and that they intend to rob a nearby defense plant next. Rushing back to town, the Secret Stamp convinces the boys to help him catch the spies.

Rushing to the factory, they find that the security guard has been shot dead. Inside they try to warn the factory foreman who doesn't believe the boys at first until the Secret Stamp rushes off and knocks out the two spies, revealing their theft and the Secret Stamp is once more considered a hero for his vigilance.

Appearing in "Sergeant Dix"

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Synopsis for "Sergeant Dix"

Sergeant Dix is ordered to put the new recruits through a training mission to shape them up. However, he finds this current crop of new soldiers to be pathetic. However, things get serious when they suddenly become very uncomfortable in their uniforms. Upon removal he finds that their skin has become irritated and gotten welts.

Back at camp shortly thereafter, Dix tells his pal Maloney what happened and wonders what could have caused such a thing and wonders if anyone had tampered with their uniforms. Having other duties to perform that day, Dix decides to let it go for now. Maloney however is secretly a member of the 5-2, the military secret police.

Investigating the new recruits quarters he finds a strange bottle in the locker belonging to Ferdinand Jones, a man that the 5-2 had been watching. Jones returns to the locker room and catches Maloney in the act of discovering his duplicity and shoots him dead. As he is dragging the body away, he is discovered by Dix who comes looking for Maloney as he did not turn up for mess hall. Chasing Ferdinand across the base, Dix knocks him out and turns him over to the military police.

He explains to military brass later that Ferdinand turned out to be a Nazi spy planted to undermine morale of new recruits. In thanks for catching the spy, Dix's superior officer assigns him on a special mission.

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  1. The original Destroyer was American Keen Marlow, but it was later retconned that the British Roger Aubrey was also active as the Destroyer at this time. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #3 confirms this as an appearance of Aubrey.
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