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Synopsis for "Bloodlines"

Caprice of the Scourge program has captured USAgent. Along with the Scourge agent Bloodstain, she drugs and interrogates him in a steam chamber in attempt to learn his secret identity. Once they get enough information to peg him as John Walker, Bloodstain brings him out of his trance while pretending to be his long-lost brother Mike, a soldier whose death was faked so he could enter the CIA's Scourge program. John hesitates to believe the story, but it's plausible. With the seed planted, Bloodstain offers USAgent his own place within the Scourge program.


  • Domino's computer search in attempt to determine USAgent's identity displays the names of several patriotic heroes from throughout Marvel's history, including six entries for Captain America and three for Bucky. It's not clear to whom all these entries refer, as the information available to the Scourge program might be incomplete and unaware of times someone wearing the mantle was a different person (as when the government attempted to cover up the first Cap and Bucky's death when replacing them with William Nasland and Fred Davis) or when the person wearing the mantle was the same but it was presented to the public as someone different (as when Steve Rogers faked his death to restore his secret identity in Captain America #114. There are also some wearers of the mantle that may or may not "count" according to the list, such as Robert Russo, who publically took on the mantle of Captain America only to instantly give it up as soon as he failed at the requisite acrobatics. As such, there are more potential identities for the heroes than those listed. See the disambiguation pages for Cap and Bucky for more information.

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