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Synopsis for "Field of Angels"

As USAgent attempts to transport Priscilla and the prisoner, they're attacked by two Scourges (Caprice and Bloodstain, disguised) as they tailed him to the Reverend's house. The prisoner Scourge gets killed by his erstwhile allies, but one of the Scourges is wounded and has to retreat and the other, revealed to be Caprice, gets captured by Walker and Lyons. Interrogating Caprice leads USAgent to Domino, who leads him to the palacial estate of the true originator of the Scourge project, Tom Halloway, former golden age hero, the Avenging Angel.

Halloway is an old man confined to a wheelchair now, but claims he hooked up with Domino after his retirement to redeem his past failures to stop criminals. Unsympathetic, USAgent declares his intent to bring Halloway to justice and shut down the program, except there's still one Scourge left. Bloodstain reveals himself and tries to kill Walker, who is sure by now that the story of his long-lost brother was a lie along with the CIA-backing. During the fight, Walker is nearly crushed by the collapsing angel statues that line Halloway's garden, but instead two statues miraculously fall into each other and spare him, an event he can't help but take as a sign. He then charges Bloodstain, whose gunfire ricochets off USAgent's shield and back into his own head, killing him. With no one left to protect him, Halloway is left to be taken to justice.

Later, a recovering USAgent has his talk with Reverend Nordstrom, hoping that unlike the fallen Angel, he'll find the true path to redemption.

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