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An explorer from the star system Alpha Centauri, UFO landed on Earth and met the Yellow Claw who told him that the Americans were barbarians seeking to destroy the world. With his own species unable to tell a lie, UFO unhesitantly believed the Yellow Claw's words and started destroying test missiles being launched by the American military. The Claw next told UFO that the Reds were just as bad as the Americans and that he alone was the only true proponent for peace in the world. UFO, therefore, granted Yellow Claw his guarantee that he would help him bring peace to the world. When the FBI learned of the Yellow Claw's location they sent Jimmy Woo to his pacific island hideout to thwart his latest plot for world conquest. UFO shot Jimmy's plane out of the sky and was about to destroy him and the pilot when Susan told him the truth about her uncle. Astounded that anyone possessed the capacity to lie, UFO transported everyone on the island to various parts of the world with no recollection of what had transpired and left again for outer space, vowing never to return to Earth as he can not stand a race which lies.



UFO possesses an untold capacity for manipulating cosmic energy. He is able to use this energy in the form of lightning blasts emanating from his hands or his ship. He can also use this power to form an impenetrable force field around himself and to transport others thousands of miles away in just seconds. He is also capable of wiping selected memories from the minds of people. Any other powers he may possess remain unrevealed.


Members of his race are unable to lie, thereby causing them to be too trusting as they do not believe anyone can lie either.



Flies a UFO.

"UFO's spaceship

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