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The USS Captain America was the starship of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]
The starship briefly stopped by on Centauri-IV, then proceeded to the center of the Milky Way to face Karanada.[2]
The eons-old, energy-devouring creature somehow infected the circuitry of the Captain America.[3]
As the Guardians were eventually engulfed by Karanada, Vance Astro used their ship to burrow through the surface, come out the other side, fly off into space and view the Topographical Man from a distance.[4]
As the entity was about to be destroyed, Charlie-27 managed to remotely activate the starship and teleport the Guardians back onboard.[5]
Charlie-27 and Martinex then exited the starship and conducted a space-walk to retrive a Badoon mentocorder.[6]
Once the Guardians fist encountered the Reavers of Arcturus, their fleet trapped the USS Captain America in a sphere of pulsating energy, slowly penetrating its hull to note precisely the radiation dosage required to kill each of them.[7].
When the disruptor output was increased to the ultimate, the starship apparently vanished.[8]
With their spaceship destroyed, the Guardians managed to launch the escape module and board the Arcturian Scout Ship Kammar.[9]

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