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Quote1.png I observe all that transpires here, but I do not, cannot, will not interfere. For I am the Watcher. Quote2.png
The Watcher[src]


Following He Who Remains' death at the hands of Sylvie,[1] Uatu observed the Multiverse, narrating the stories of Captain Peggy Carter,[2] Star-Lord T'Challa,[3] the assassination of the Avengers,[4] when Dr. Stephen Strange fell to darkness,[5] the zombie apocalypse,[6] Erik "Killmonger" Stevens saving Tony Stark's life in Afghanistan,[7] and Thor, the Party Prince.[8]

Uatu later witnessed the Ultron uprise of another universe. Except once Ultron had used the Infinity Stones to wipe out all life in the universe and finally complete his mission of bringing peace, he was able to hear Uatu narrating his journey. When Uatu realized he had been noticed, he attempted to ignore him but was left confused and frightened at the implications. This caused Uatu to contemplate helping Black Widow and Hawkeye on their journey of defeating Ultron in order to prevent countless lives from being destroyed across the multiverse. Even though hope was initially on the horizon, Ultron eventually found the location of The Watcher and two battled throughout countless universes until Uatu fled to another universe for help from Doctor Strange.[9]

As Ultron grew more powerful, Uatu sought the help of individuals from across the multiverse including: Captain Carter, Star Lord T'Challa, Killmonger, Party Thor, the Thanos slaying Gamora, and Doctor Strange Supreme. Uatu helped the team teleport between different universes and locations but didn't interfere with the outcome of the battle until the end where he assisted Strange in freezing Arnim Zola and an Infinity Stone wielding Killmonger in a pocket dimension in the hopes that they would never escape and be in an eternal battle locked away from causing more harm. After sending the team to their respective universes, Uatu helped the Black Widow of Ultron's universe in finding a new home on one where they had lost their widow, and vowed to continue protecting the multiverse until the very end.[10]


  • Jeffrey Wright provides the voice of Uatu in the Disney+ series What If...?.
  • So far in his appearances, he has not yet been referred to by his name Uatu, and is only referred to as the Watcher.

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