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Quote1 For countless aeons, men have called me... The Watcher! 'Tis my eternal duty to observe all the infinite alternate realities across the Multiverse from my observatory here, on the Blue Area of Earth's Moon. My unblinking, unwavering eyes have seen countless horrors... and many more wonders... but only one alterniverse has ever filled me with fear! It started with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds! The hunger brought a hero from another dimension to this world, and it fed on their avengers... and they, in turn, became soulless monsters who consumed the world in twenty four hours! None were safe from their insatiable need for living flesh... not even the mighty Galactus, the world devourer, who was himself devoured when he foolishly came to the planet of super undead! Though they gained some portion of his vast cosmic power when they digested him... a simple human ruse tricked the flesh-eaters, banishing them to another dimension. Where, and to which dimension I cannot say... yet. But I must find them, for with their vast power and limitless hunger, they represent the single greatest threat to all life in the Multiverse! Quote2
The Watcher[src]


Not much is known about the Watcher’s history proper to the Zombie plague’s arrival to Earth 91126, but it presumably followed a similar path to his Earth-616 counterpart.

Uatu observed the entry of the zombie Spider-Man of Earth-2149 and witnessed the carnage he caused. Uatu, knowing the threat of the Marvel zombies to the Multiverse, informed his alternate incarnations of this but was cut short when the zombie Giant Man ate him.[1] However, Uatu didn't die, given his incorporeal form but remained in hiding until Giant Man attempted to use the Earth-91126 zombie Sentry to power his dimensional portal. With the portal activated, Uatu sent the Sentry into Earth-2149's past, which started the zombie outbreak from the beginning, thus creating a time loop which keeps the virus contained on the devastated Earths 2149 and 91126. Talking with Sandman, the Watcher noted that no one has the ability to destroy the infection outright, but this method would allow it to "devour" itself and keep it from spreading to the rest of the multiverse.[2]

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