The criminal known as the "Uber Alles" was the super powered leader of a group of Neo-Nazis. They engaged in combat with the Iron Cross, and overpowered her until the Invaders arrived to help her.[1]

The Inhuman Lash interrupted the fight between the Invaders and the Neo-Nazis to recruit two of the Inhumans that formed part of the Invaders, as well as Uber Alles himself, who was revealed to be an Inhuman. Uber took the realization that he wasn't totally Aryan in a bad way, and unleashed his powers.

The Inhuman Royal Family arrived to stop Lash. As he realized he was now definetely overpowered, Lash decided to escape, and offered once again Uber Alles the chance to join him. This time, Uber accepted, as he had lost his past life, and would help Lash establish the Inhumans as the new superior race. Then, the two villains teleported away.[2]


Aerokinesis: Uber Alles showcased the ability to create air vortices.[1]

  • "Uber Alles" is an expression meaning "Above All" found in the German national anthem Deutschlandlied, from the verse Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt, which means "Germany above all, above all in the world."

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