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The Uhari are sometimes confused with the Atlanteans of Atlantis, as they are both aquatic humanoid species. Their origin is unclear, but there are hints that these two species may be related. In ancient times, the Uhari and their allies, the Mala and the Chordai, were a scourge on the undersea peoples of Atlantis. They were eventually driven back in a great war, and subsequently excised from all written records except the secret history tomes passed down to the kings of Atlantis. The Uhari and their allies retreated to an isolated underground lake located under the continent of Antartica, where they built a stronghold called The Peak.[1] In this stronghold, a caste society took hold, with the Uhari being the worker caste.[2]

Professor Calvin Cooley recieved a grant from the Fantastic Four's research foundation to research the lake, based out of an old Russian outpost built on the site, Vostok Station. When A.I.M. hacked his servers and attempted to breach the lake first, Cooley contacted the Fantastic Four.[2]

After driving off A.I.M., the Fantastic Four were taken to meet the leaders of the three races, who introduced themselves as the old kings of Atlantis.[2]

The residents of the peak requested a representative to act as ambassador to the outside world. Susan Richards volunteered for this role, and tried to arrange diplomatic talks between the Peak and Atlantis.[2]

When Reed Richards began the Future Foundation, Ul-Uhar, the Peak's highest authority, volunteered his children Vii and Wuu to join the group.[3]

Eventually, after a summit between the leaders of the Peak, and Namor, representing Atlantis, ended in Namor killing Ul-Uhar, Namor revealed the truth to Susan Richards.[1]

With Ul-Uhar's death, his posi was murdered by Namor at the diplomatic talks, which led to the deciding role of the civilization passing to one of his children. But since both children were too young for the job, it passed instead to their legal guardian Susan Richards. Cognizant of her new power, she decreed that Namor would give up some of the territory not currently occupied, and that the Peak would make no more war.[4]



Marine: Most Uhari live in caves on the ocean floor or the submerged portions of coral reefs. They mostly line in their capital city called the The Peak.


Earth gravity


Oxygen/nitrogen rich liquid atmosphere


It is not known precisely how many Uhari there are in the world today. The number is believed to be fewer than a thousand, an extremely small figure when compared to humans and the Atlanteans.


Type of Government


Level of Technology

Highly advanced bio-technology

Cultural Traits

Uhari, like the Atlanteans, communicate by means of a limited range of high-pitched vocal sounds and elaborate "signing" gestures. A more varied spoken language is not possible due to the inherent limitations of sound transmission through water.


Ul-Uhar, Vii, Wuu


  • the period of the Uhari's conquests is unknown. Normal science says the lake was not breached in 500,000 years[2], but that may be wrong.


  • At some point their royal vanguard clashed with the Okkaran forces of Apocalypse, and their red-gold blades were claimed in conquest.[5]

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