Ukaki is a massive snail that resembled a mountain and fed on valuable minerals such as diamonds. The creature's origins are unknown, but by 1953 it was worshiped by a tribe of Congo natives who named themselves after the great tribe. During this time, the diamonds that were fed to Ukaki were discovered by a British explorer seeking diamonds, but was frightened away when he realized the "cave" he found them in was really a massive snail. The man fled back to England where he told his colleague a man named Putnam about his find and his fear to recover it. Not hearing the whole story, the greedy Putnam killed his colleague and took the map to the diamonds before the man could destroy them.[1]

Sensing that someone once more was coming to upset the balance of nature, the Ukaki people played their drums warning other natives to the region, including the jungle adventurer Lorna the Jungle Queen. Lorna attempted to warn Putnam to swear off his expedition, but Putnam continued on, consumed by greed. Going into the mouth of the "cave", Putnam found a pile of diamonds and refused to listen to Lorna's warnings as the Ukaki people once more began to drum. Lorna fled and Putnam was consumed by Ukaki.[1]

The subsequent fate if the creature is unknown.


Ukaki appears to be able to mimic a volcanic eruption, how it manages to do this is unexplained.

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