The Ul'lula'ns are a race of interstellar geologists who have sent operatives across the cosmos in search of the materials needed to save their mineral poor homeworld. One of these operatives was Nebulon, who interfered in the natural evolution of a world (Earth), the worst crime in Ul'lula'n society.[1]

Due to repeated violations of that law, the High Tribunal condemned him to exile on Earth, which no Ul'lula'n had chosen over honorable death in 500 years. His wife Supernalia herself interfered in the affairs of Earth to restore their family's honor resulting in the death of her husband and her own via suicide.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Psionics; force bolts, telepathy, control minds, teleportation trough times, and shapeshifting.[3]


Habitat: 89% of surface is covered by water, mostly tropical, with minerals largely depleted
Gravity: 84% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 67% nitrogen, 26% oxygen
Population: 4.1 billion


Type of Government: Governed by High Tribunal of Judges who rigidly enforce a legal code with severe punishments.[3]
Level of Technology: Highly advanced with warp driven starships,[3] mind control technology,[2] power draining beams,[2] cloaking technology,[2]
Cultural Traits: Highly religious, devoted to strict concepts of honor, pledged not to interfere with the culture of other worlds.[3]
Representatives: Nebulon, Supernalia

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