Ulan Bator was supposedly the leader of Mongolia during the 1940s, who for unrevealed reasons sought to force Mary Carmody to become part of his harem. To this end he sent the criminal Peg-Leg Martin to the United States to kidnap her. Mary was the daughter of the prominent scientist William Carmody who had just recently developed a method of keeping the human brain alive after the body had died. In attempting to stop his daughter's kidnapping Carmody was fatally shot and his assistant Jim performed the procedure to turn him into the Eternal Brain.

With Mary brought to him, Ulan attempted to force her into joining his harem, even though his other wives despised her and she resisted his advances. The Eternal Brain telepathically contacted Ulan and demanded the return of his daughter. When Ulan refused, the Brain sent Jim to recover her. Jim was captured but managed to break free and ultimately killed Ulan Bator by tossing a grenade at him.[1]

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