Uldulla and his brother Wokal were the sons of Vacharn, a necromancer from the Isle of Na'at, and of Dalili, a woman from Zothique who had sailed from Oroth, and ended up on the isle along with the crew of the vessel. Vacharn eventually killed her wife and resurrected her to preserve her youthful beauty and faithfulness for his lusts.
It is unclear whether she gave birth to Uldulla and Wokal before or after her death.

Uldulla and Wokal became necromancers like their father, while Dalili, like others of the undead servitors of Vacharn, was sent diving in the unleashed sea to harvest pearls, the source of the necromancers' wealth. The two brothers grew in the shadow of their father who diminished them on occasion. They feared and loathed him.

When Conan's ship crashed on the shores of Na'at after being dragged by the River of Night, the three necromancers sent Dalili to rescue the Cimmerian from drowning, for him to serve as a blood sacrifice for his demon-familiar Esrit. As the necromancers resurrected Conan's drowned companions from the sea, Conan enraged and tried to slay Vacharn, but was forced to settle down though magic.

Conan was brought to Vacharn's house, where he was shown his coming fate at the hands of Esrit, with the example of Sigurd, the only survivor of Conan's crew, whose blood was sucked by the demon.

Conan lived with the necromancers during the time until the next full moon, date of his sacrifice to Esrit. The day before the full moon, the brothers, wanting to finally take their father's proposed Conan to ally with them in order to slay Vacharn and finally inherit his wealth and magical supremacy. In exchange, they offered him a ship to sail against the River of Night and reach Zothique. They also told of him that Dalili was their mother.

The two brothers equiped themselves with scimitars with lethal runes and inscribed with death-spells, and gave one to Conan as well. Attacking Vacharn as he was lost in his magical mirror, Conan missed his attacks and was swiflty cut by Vacharn's scimitar, who paralyzed Conan. Wokal managed to almost decapitate Vacharn, and the brothers slashed his body, while himself managed to wound Wokal, who was then attacked by Esrit. Meanwhile, Uldulla severed the last flesh holding Vacharn to his body, but his decapitated body killed Uldulla. Conan stood up and pierced the two bodies, killing Vacharn, while Uldulla was already dead.[1]

After Esrit was killed, Conan gathered the undead servants, including Dalili, and had them build a pyre to destroy the necromancers' bodies. Before he ordered Dalili to enter the fire, Conan witnessed a tear in her eyes, as her husband's and sons' bodies were burned.[1]


Uldulla possess the ability to put undead back into their "sleep", and presumably other necromantic powers.[1]


Scimitar with lethal runes and inscribed with death-spells.[1]

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