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Quote1.png I refuse to fear a man whose name sounds like a Norwegian term for an act of love involving motor oil. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Ultimate Armor Wars (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Armor Wars (Part II)"

Tony Stark and Justine Hammer are off to find out who has taken the Iron Man tech, and they go to Prague, where they find Dr. Faustus, who has sold the tech, and puts up a fight. They find out that only one person bought the Iron Man data, named Bram Velsing, who lives in Darmstadt. Tony gets into his suit, flies off, and immediately a fight erupts between the two Iron Men...

Solicit Synopsis

IRON MAN CRASHES EUROPE! Tony Stark’s frantic pursuit of his stolen Stark tech across the Atlantic gets ugly as the secrets (and bodies?!) start piling up! The world of industrial espionage gets a repulsor blast to the face as Stark squares off with a villain unlike anything he’s faced before! Don’t miss this next pulse-pounding installment from the high-tech team-up of Warren Ellis (ULTIMATE HUMAN) and Steve Kurth (IRON MAN)


  • M.O.D.O.K appears in the most unexpected place: Dr. Faustus' brain.

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