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Quote1.png Here's to killing things. Here's to stamping out evil. Heh. Here's to liars and cheats and what they deserve. Here's to the life of a bachelor and an orphan. Here's to saving the world. From me. Oh, God. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Ultimate Armor Wars (Part IV)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Armor Wars (Part IV)"

Water has flooded into Tony's damaged helmet. The police take Tony out of the river, bringing him to Justine. Justine and Tony make love, and Tony asks her to stay with him, which she agrees to. They are interrupted by an explosion outside their jet. Tony gets into his ruined suit, where he meets two giant Iron Men, who blast Tony until he finally is defeated. The robots bring Tony to a base in a stranded desert, where Tony meets his delusional grandfather, Howard Stark Sr. Howard is in charge of the Ghost, the robots, and Justine, and is looking for an upgrade in his organic, giant, old armored suit. Howard has the remnant that the Ghost stole, and wants Tony to open it. Tony uses a quote by Richard Feynman, and the box opens. Inside the box is the dead head of Tony Stark (Earth-242). Tony explains he got the head while looking at other universes with Reed Richards. The entire Earth was on fire, so he took the head of his counterpart. Tony explains that, while he had upgraded himself for safety, the head shuts down Nano fleet's, and kills machinery. Immediately, Ghost explodes, Howard is seen dead, the robots exploded, and Justine dies. Tony then sits alone, stating "Lucky me.", in a depressed tone. Tony is later in Berlin, drinking with the head, crying in an extremely depressed state.

Solicit Synopsis

The IRON MAN’s track record of kicking butt and taking names hasn’t been faring so well. But after a hot pursuit across the globe, he finally faces off with a long lost…frenemy? Even the Man of Iron couldn’t spot this on his radar! Plus the mysterious Remnant 242 is revealed and has some earth-shattering consequences! Acclaimed writer WARREN ELLIS (ULTIMATE HUMAN) and rising star STEVE KURTH (IRON MAN) bring you the momentous conclusion of ULTIMATE COMICS ARMOR WARS!

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