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Gregory Stark

Appearing in "Crime and Punishment (Part IV)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Demons (Main story and flashback)




  • Ghost Rider's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Crime and Punishment (Part IV)"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

Nick Fury’s Avengers have assembled: Black Widow, The Punisher, a new Hulk, War Machine and Hawkeye are souped-up and ready to face Hell…literally. Evil’s emissary comes in the form of The Ghostrider, a mysterious new villain sent to collect Satan’s debts: human lives. But how do you fight the devil and his men? With big guns and even bigger cojones. Who lives, who survives? Who knows? But it’ll be one hellish ride!! Join superstars MARK MILLAR and LEINIL FRANCIS YU in another heart-pumping adventure!


  • Even though the cover titles this issue as "Ultimate Avengers 2 #4", the Indicia lists this as "Ultimate Avengers #10"

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