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Quote1.png You murdered my girlfriend. Choked the life out of her. Made me watch and then slit my throat... This has been coming for twenty years, Blackthorne... You haven't got a prayer. Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Crime and Punishment (Part V)"

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  • Ghost Rider's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Crime and Punishment (Part V)"

The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. guard the front lawn of the White House. Inside the Oval Office, Robert Blackthorne is with Satan, whom the former had summoned for help as he knows that the Avengers will be beaten by the Ghost Rider and refuse to lose everything to Blaze. Satan notes to Blackthorne that he is risking his very soul to save his, to which he accepts as his life is already damned, even if it means defeating the Ghost Rider. Satan then agrees to the Vice President's request and begins a ritual.

Outside, Hawkeye talks with the Punisher about Ghost Rider and is skeptical whether what they are facing is a demon from hell. Hawkeye also notices that the Ghost Rider had passed a message to Castle before which made him believe what he is, Castle only answers that it was "something that warmed [his] heart." Castle then talks to Hawkeye about how he recalls someone who had been the first to be forcefully recruited into the Avengers. Castle believes him to be Hawkeye referring to himself. Hawkeye answers that he is and that he wasn't a good man before being trained.

Back inside the Oval Office, Satan feels Blaze's presence outside as he conducts the ritual. Blackthorne questions his master as to why he gave Blaze the "opportunity" to carry out his vengeance. Satan answers that Blaze sold his soul to him, and that bringing him back allows him to get Blackthorne and his associates' souls. Satan had planned this to happen ever since meeting Blackthorne.

Blackthorne changes into a Spirit of Vengeance reminiscent of the Ghost Rider and rides out of the White House. The Avengers mistaken him for the Ghost Rider and begin chasing him down D.C. However, Blackthorne proves too powerful for the Avengers, even for War Machine and Tyrone. As Blackthorne tears apart War Machine's armor, Ghost Rider appears and fights his nemesis.

Solicit Synopsis

The Avengers have Hell to pay as Nick Fury's new squad faces off with the demonic Ghost Rider! Hell's emissary is collecting souls, and Vice-President Blackthorne is next on his list. Hawkeye, The Punisher, War Machine, and Black Widow are cranked up and ready to face Satan's soldier, but are they prepared to fight two of him!? Good thing they have the brand-new Hulk on their side! Don't miss this devilishly exciting issue from best-selling creators MARK MILLAR (CIVIL WAR, KICK-ASS) and LEINIL FRANCIS YU (SECRET INVASION)!


  • Even though the cover titles this issue as "Ultimate Avengers 2 #5", the Indicia lists this as "Ultimate Avengers #11"

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