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Anthony (Vampire)

Appearing in "Blade Versus the Avengers (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Blade Versus the Avengers (Part II)"

24 hours earlier.

Nerd Hulk approaches Steven Rogers, who is lifting weights, and amicably asks him if it is possible to appoint him to the Ultimates as he doesn't feel comfortable working in the Avengers' cloak and dagger operations. Hulk also requests S.H.I.E.L.D. higher-ups to allow him to be out in public because of an anticipating comic book signing he is looking forward to. However, Rogers declines Hulk's requests as allowing him in public would called some public-lash and that he is "not good enough" as he tells him that "public safety needs to come before [his] social life."

Because of Rogers' declination, an upset Hulk leaves the Triskelion by literally jumping over to Manhattan. As Hulk walks to the book signing, he is confronted by what appears to be Iron Man. At first Hulk thinks him to be Tony Stark, but the man in the suit reveals himself to be Anthony, the leader of the united vampires. Anthony brutally attacks him before biting him.

In the present, Hulk brings the unconscious bodies of Stick and Daredevil to Anthony. Thereafter, the Avengers and SHIELD soldiers track the Hulk to an underground sewer through a tracking device that is hidden underneath his chest. Meanwhile, Blade, along with a Catholic priest, interrogate a captured vampire named Ricardo in a rundown apartment. Ricardo is placed in bathwater which the priest will turn into holy water which will kill the vampire unless he talks about Anthony and his plan. He relents and informs Blade that Anthony was turned three weeks ago before marshaling every vampire clan in the world into a single organization to rule over humanity. Anthony plans on turning superheroes into vampires to potentially tip the balance in favor of vampires. Blade then tells the priest to bless the water, killing Ricardo.

Back in the sewers, is suggested that Captain America feels guilty for Hulk's absence, and that's why he's coming with the Avengers to help them. The group then stops to find a wounded Daredevil. A concerned Captain America approaches him for help. Suddenly, the Avengers' flashlights are destroyed causing darkness to envelop them. Hawkeye quickly lights a flare and they find Cap has been bitten by Daredevil. The Avengers suddenly find themselves confronted by Anthony and his vampires.

Solicit Synopsis

Now that the mysterious Vampire X has unleashed his vampire goons, they’re out for the Avengers’ blood. But with the new Daredevil sporting fangs, it looks like even heroes are susceptible to the vampire bite. With this type of enemy the Avengers need some serious back-up—and back-up with some specialized training in vampire annihilation. Did somebody say BLADE? Fan-favorites Mark Millar (KICK-ASS) and Steve Dillon (PUNISHERMAX) shock and awe in the next thrilling chapter of Ultimate Avengers!


  • Even though the cover titles this issue as "Ultimate Avengers 3 #2", the Indicia lists this as "Ultimate Avengers #14"* The comic book that Hulk carries for the book signing is Trouble written by Mark Millar.

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