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Quote1.png God, I hate you people. I've hated you since your first damn trailer. Quote2.png
Blade's review of the "Twilight" films' two main characters

Appearing in "Blade Versus the Avengers (Part IV)"

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Synopsis for "Blade Versus the Avengers (Part IV)"

S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel finds a vampiric Steven Rogers biting Blade. Fortunately, Blade pulls out his sidearm and shoots away Rogers. Black Widow has arrived, seen what had happened, and accuses Blade of killing Rogers. Blade reports that he didn't and indeed Rogers has escaped out of a window. Regardless, Black Widow shoots Blade in the head and orders him to be detained.

Some time later, Gregory and Tony Stark have arrived at the Triskelion and met with Fury, the Avengers, and a restrained Blade. The Stark brothers learn of the situation. Fury regards Captain America's condition as an infection. The Starks question Blade as to the identity of Anthony: Blade tells that the man was regarded as the greatest vampire hunter who had previously trained Blade, Stick, Matt Murdock, and others in the war against vampires. A month ago, Anthony was bitten after hunting down a female vampire. Not only was his body turned, but his mind as well, which made Anthony think about self-preservation first and organizing the vampires. Anthony's appropriation of Tony's armor was for his protection. Blade then finally summarizes Anthony's intention of infecting the superhero community.

Gregory takes the initiative in tracking down Anthony. As the vampire possesses the old Stark armor, which is still powered by an old reactor, he can trace it. He then requests Fury to organize every black ops unit, including the Giant Men, Perun, and ground troops to strike Anthony before midnight if possible.

In Soho, Anthony's vampires prey on people at a local restaurant to be prepared for what is to come. Hulk questions Anthony for switching to the vampires, to which Anthony reasons that they weren't actually evil but a species as part of nature's intent. He says that they just submit to their most basic selves and follow their darkest desires. Anthony then acknowledges Hulk that he knows he wants to overthrow him as the vampire leader. He accepts Hulk's challenge but is quickly decapitated with a single punch to the head. Now, as the leader, Hulk orders Stick to take the armor for the battle and to dispose of Anthony's body. Captain America, weakened, enters the scene. Hulk gives some of his blood to rejuvenate Rogers as the rest of the vampire clans have arrived at the city.

Solicit Synopsis

The Avengers behold a new menace: Vampire X! With Cap bitten, the super-soldier is turning into a super-vampire and the stakes are even higher. Blade finally reveals Vampire X’s true intentions, but can the heroes stop this mysterious enemy- - or are they one bite closer to an eternity of immortal behavior? MARK MILLAR (KICK-ASS) and STEVE DILLON (PUNISHERMAX) tell a vampirific tale you won’t be able to put down!


  • Even though the cover titles this issue as "Ultimate Avengers 3 #4", the Indicia lists this as "Ultimate Avengers #16"
  • Blade's dream in the opening of this issue is a parody to the Twilight film series.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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