Quote1 Regardless of the cost, I don't fail you... And no matter how difficult the target is to hit... I don't miss. Quote2
-- Hawkeye

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Synopsis for "A Tale of Two Cities!"

Xorn explains the history of The People and how he is part of the faction known as the Celestials, the enlightened ones, and his brother, Zorn, is part of the faction known as the Eternals, the all-consuming ones. Xorn states that it was a mistake to send Hulk to cause a distraction and takes Hawkeye to the Eternal City. Xorn stops Zorn from harming the Hulk further, and orders the Oracle of Change to spread a message across the entire planet, welcoming anyone to come and join them. Karen, Derek and Liz opt to stay and join the People. Hulk also demands to remain there as well, but as punishment for murdering Eternals, Xorn banishes Hulk to Tibet where he seeks refuge in the nearest building, and is offered hot cocoa by an old friend. Xorn willingly gives Clint the serum, telling him that if he leaves with it he will set them all on a hard and costly path. Clint accepts the serum and returns to New York where Nick Fury brings him up to speed on the situation with Thor and Asgard.

Solicit Synopsis

A newly-developed mutant-serum puts the world on the brink of war! Caught in the international conflict, Hawkeye is outnumbered with all odds against—just as he likes it! If Hawkeye can’t save world, then who can?

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