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Quote1 You always were just a teeny bit smarter than me. Quote2
-- Reed Richards

Appearing in "Ultimate Mystery (Part III)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Mystery (Part III)"

Jessica Drew, posing as Dr. Julia Carpenter, is at the site of the destroyed Roxxon Industries building where she is introduced to the corporation's Brain Trust, consisting of Dr. Arnim Zola III, private eye detective Misty Knight, Nathaniel Essex, Dr. Layla Miller, and Dr. Samuel Sterns; all of whom Drew is working with in investigating the attack.

At the Baxter Building, Rick Jones, Nick Fury, Ben Grimm, Susan and Johnny Storm fight a mutated and out-of-control Mahr Vehl. Susan attempts to trap Mahr Vehl in her force-field to reduce any further damages to the Baxter Building. Mahr Vehl however breaks out and Ben resumes fighting him. During the brawl Rick is depowered and is sent falling out of the building. Fortunately he is landed safely to the ground by Susan. Afterwards, the fighting above the building sends portions of it to the ground. Susan then quickly uses her powers to move nearby bystanders on the ground away from the falling debris. Fury, Johnny, Ben and Mahr Vehl also land below (with the latter being knocked unconscious). Seeing that the debris might be too strong for Susan to have held up, Ben digs through the debris to where Susan and Rick were standing, but finds them missing.

Rick has teleported himself and Susan to Project Pegasus to escape from the falling debris, and find the entire facility in ruins and its personnel killed from Mahr Vehl's rampage. Susan demands Rick teleport themselves back to New York, but they then see a mysterious figure inside Pegasus.

Back in New York, the Roxxon Brain Trust are at a sub basement of Roxxon Industries where they discuss the attacks on Roxxon and the Baxter Building. Dr. Sterns shares his strong theory that the attacks are nothing but a robbery, in which the properties in common possessed entire objects and work of immense scientific importance, and are now either destroyed or stolen. Misty Knight and Layla Miller have suspicions about Drew and the former then questions her about her original career at the Baxter Building. This outs her after Drew erroneously claims that Dr. Miller worked at the Baxter Building, which she didn't.

In Pegasus, Susan sneaks into the ruins where she finds the same creatures that attacked Jessica Drew and Peter Parker's home are stealing Pegasus's artifacts and entering into a dimensional portal. Her presence is accidentally alerted by Rick Jones and Rick calls her by name. The leader of the creatures calls to Sue and repeats a comment he has often made to her in the past, "You always were just a teeny bit smarter than me", while revealing himself to be a still-alive Reed Richards!

Solicit Synopsis

The mystery of the Ultimate enemy is about to reveal itself—and it’s a doozy that will rock the Ultimate Universe! Spider-Man and Spider-Woman infiltrate the bowels of Roxxon while Sue, Ben and Johnny find themselves fighting to the death against an out of control Captain Marvel. All this and the birth of a new Ultimate hero!! Brian Bendis (SIEGE) and Rafa Sandoval (AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE) bring you closer to revealing the mystery behind the Ultimate Enemy!

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