Quote1 But you can keep calling me Mysterio. I like that. I would have never come up with that name myself, but it's out there now... and I like it. Mysterio. Quote2
-- Mysterio

Appearing in "The New World According to Peter Parker (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "The New World According to Peter Parker (Part II)"

As the media reports that Wilson Fisk's death was suicide, Mysterio takes responsibility and enacts a plan to become New York's new crime boss. Kitty Pryde illegally uses her powers at school, and is punished for it. Mary Jane attempts to videotape the incident as evidence of prejudice against mutants. Later, Spider-Man encounters a mother/daughter mutant team whom he fights. At the Parkers' home, Aunt May attempts to get answers out of Johnny Storm.

Solicit Synopsis

All the shocking revelations from the first issue come to bloom in this pulse-pounding second chapter!! Who is the Shroud!!?? Who is Spider-Man?? And who the hell is Mysterio and what did he go and do to the Kingpin?!

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Again, just like issue #1, there is very little information about the characters, and what has happened the skipped 3 months after Ultimatum. Gwen Stacey is very changed than she was in volume 1. Kong appears in this issue, changed also. Kitty and Mary Jane Watson also appear in this issue. The issue gives good action, but lacks the answers the readers are waiting to find out what has happened in the 3 months. There is no Shroud, only 2 pages of Mysterio, and two new villains who really have no say in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Brian Bendis does deliver a fun, enjoyable issue. David La Fluente makes a fantastic Spider-man, but the Gwen drawings are eye-scratching. With Justin Ponser, the art of Spider-man is just great to look at. Writing: 7/10. Art: 8/10.

Overall: 7.5/10.
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