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Quote1.png Baby, don't ever let him know! Don't ever let your father-- Quote2.png
Rio Morales' last words

Appearing in "Venom War (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Venom War (Part 4)"

Maria Hill stands outside Miles' apartment, waiting to confront him about being Spider-Man. Gwen, Ganke, and MJ tell Miles not to go out, seeing the revelation of Peter Parker's identity to too many people being the thing that eventually killed him. Miles goes out anyways, asking to at least go defeat Venom before being arrested, but Maria claims that she had come to get Miles to go fight Venom. Miles accepts when he learns of the address where his parents - and Venom - are, and leaves as Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Venom wrecks havoc in a hospital, searching for Spider-Man. Rio Morales starts evacuating as many ill people as she can, and overhears Venom's desires. Just then, Spider-Man charges at Venom and continually uses his Venom Strike against him, to no avail. Venom throws and then grabs Spider-Man before preparing to eat him. Rio suddenly appears and starts shooting at Venom to save Spider-Man, despite his warnings. Rio eventually runs out of bullets and Venom absorbs Spider-Man before revealing that Spider-Man is Rio's son to her. Miles uses more Venom Strike on the inside, which causes him to be released, as well as revealing Venom's identity - Conrad Marcus. Police come and shoot Marcus dead, but one of the bullets also hits Rio. Rio begins bleeding out in Miles' arms, and with her dying breath tells Miles not to reveal his identity to Jefferson. Gwen, Ganke, and MJ arrive to see Rio dead.

The news reveals Marcus to the media, and that Roxxon Industries resulted in the symbiote, but there is no word from Roxxon about the situation. Inside Roxxon itself, Donald Roxxon complains that he can't create his own Spider-Man.

Stressed from the events of the story, Miles passes out. When he wakes up, he initially thinks that he is home and that the events of the story were just a dream, but as he heads downstairs, he sees that he is in Ganke's house, and realizes that the Venom War actually happened. He then does the exact opposite of what Peter did when Uncle Ben died - he gives up being Spider-Man by tearing up his costume and screaming "No more, no more, NO MORE!" while Ganke silently listens.

Solicit Synopsis


• Venom versus Spidey! The Final Showdown!

• How does Gwen Stacy figure into it and how will it change her and Miles’ life forever?

• Guest-Starring Mary Jane Watson!

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