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Appearing in "The New World According to Peter Parker (Part III)"

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Synopsis for "The New World According to Peter Parker (Part III)"

At Midtown High, Mary Jane Watson and her film crew watch Mysterio's online video of his declaration as New York City's crime boss. Jessica Jones wants to make an entry on Mysterio. However, Mary Jane suspects that she wants to out Spider-Man. But Jessica claims that those aren't her intentions anymore and that everything she had against Spider-Man is in the past and wants to make of him as a hero. Mary Jane still doesn't believe her.

At the Parker's residence, Aunt May learns from Johnny Storm that after Ultimatum and the death of his father, Johnny was in a state of shock while traveling in Europe to get over everything that had happened. After coming back to New York, Johnny decided not to go to the Baxter Building and headed to Peter Parker's home instead as he believed Peter is the other good friend he has. May sympathizes with Johnny and tells him he should call his sister Susan.

Meanwhile, Peter is having a hard day at Burger Frog and bumps into Mary Jane. The two end into an argument over their previous relationship.

Mysterio makes his first public crime after Ultimatum in stealing the federal reserve after letting loose a chemical hallucinogen among the public. Spider-Man arrives on the scene and sees through the illusion. He then surprises Mysterio who is loading the gold on a truck. Spider-Man's actions frustrate the illusionist as he had made a week-long plan for the heist, and he then escapes as the police arrive on the scene.

Gwen Stacy returns to the Parker's residence and sees Johnny talking to Susan Storm.

Following Mysterio's failed theft, the news extol Spider-Man's effort in stopping the villain. The said illusionist vengefully reads this at his hideout.

Peter Parker arrives at his home and finds Susan leaving. She hugs Peter and asks him to look over her brother before leaving. Peter is confused over this and is stunned to find out that Johnny Storm is now living with him and his family.

Solicit Synopsis

The world of Spider-Man is turned upside down! Friends are enemies and enemies are friends!! Mysterio is on the loose and gunning for Spidey big time. And the Hulk is back!!!?? Plus--and this is a biggie--you'll never believe what iconic super hero is moving into Aunt May's house!!

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